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Parents and students are requested to carefully read all the instructions given in the application forms and adhere to the same strictly. Every application must be accompanied by necessary documents. Incomplete applications and failure to append the stipulated may lead to rejection. The relevant University guidelines are given herein. Prospectus and applications forms for all courses are available at the College as well as at the Corporate Office. Kindly ensure that you fill in absolutely correct details. In the event it is found that a candidate has furnished incorrect information.

* He / She will forfeit the admission irrespective of what stage of the course he / she is in at that point of time.
* He / She will be debarred from pursuing any course of studies.
* Legal action will be initiated against him / her for furnishing wrong information.
All admissions are subject to the approval of the University.  

It is firmly expected that students adhere to the standards that are laid down by the institution. While the management is rather strict on matters regarding discipline, the students are held in high esteem in the hope that they realize their responsibilities themselves and act in a manner befitting not only the honour of the institution but their own personal dignity.  

The timings of the college are 9 am to 4:30 pm. Students are prohibited from arriving more than 10 minutes late and that too for genuine reasons only and leaving before class timings is also not permitted. There will be a lunch break of 1 hour in-between.  

Leave is generally not granted without genuine cause and that only with prior permission. Absence without leave will beviewed sseriously and the parents immediatedyinformed. Leave on health grounds will be permitted only iwht supporting medical certificate. Students are expected to put in minimum of 85% attendance as per University regulations.  

Boys are to wear shirts and pants(uniform) with shoes and girls in sarees (uniform) . Students must present a neat and clean turnout.
Every student entering this institution must bear in mind that any form of ragging is dealt with very sternly and any violation whatsoever will be dealt with summary dismissal coupled with action as per law. Students are earnestly advised to desist from this barbaric practice that is indulged in by a few students in the name of fun. The college organizes fellowship programmes and students are asked to familiarise themselves with incoming students in these programmes.  

Students are instructed to carry themselves with decorum at all times and never give room for occasion where the management receives any complaint whatsoever with regard to their behaviour. They many remember that any action that is necessitated against them for whatever reason would bring disrepute not only to them and their institution but the families as well.  

When admission are on, information sessions are organized throughout the week to disseminate information to students and parents on admission procedures.

All matters regarding application, various admission criteria, written tests and so on are discussed with students in order to clarify their doubts, if any. Staff members counsel students on admission procedures and guide them on various courses that they may undertake in accordance with their qualifications, merit aptitude. Students and their parents are t thus able to make a decision about the career.  

Parents and students are informed that the information given in this Prospecturs is purely indicative. Final confirmation regardsing any issue may be obtained from the College or from the Administrative Office. Mangement resrves the right to change, alter, amend or rescind any matter given herein at any point of time as it may deem necessary without notice or assigning any reason whatsoever.

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